Information in English

„Queer-Referat“. We’re here, and we’re queer.

That’s us. We are the Queer Department. We are the social group for queer students of the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich. We are the representatives for the interests of all queer students of the LMU. We are there for you, wether you’re LGBTQIA or don’t want to identify yourself with any of those letters and labels.

The Queer-Referat is offering a safe space within the student communitiy of the LMU, offering both social events like our monthly Queer Hour (you’ll find the dates here) and a programm of talks and presentations on all kinds of topics.

This summers semester will bring a programm dedicated to all things perverted (the text is in german). Only – what is perverted and who gets to decide what is?

So remember – you are always welcome to stop by and join us for one of our events, and don’t worry, while this website isn’t always bilingual, all the members of the Referat are.

See you soon.